DIRFloortime Annual International Conference

A Florida postcard announcing the 2016 DIR Conference in OrlandoDIRFloortime Annual International Conference in Orlando

Play for Real Therapy Services is excited that, this year, the Interdisciplinary Council on Development and Learning (ICDL) will be holding the DIRFloortime Annual International Conference at Gaylord Palms Resort and Conference Center in Orlando on September 23 & 24. This conference is for both professionals and parents/caregivers. It is the first time that ICDL is holding the annual conference in Florida and there will be an impressive lineup of presenters.

The opening keynote speaker is Steve Silberman, the author of “NeuroTribes: The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity”. In this award-winning book, Steve gives an insightful and sensitive history of autism, and it will be a wonderful opportunity to hear him speak at the conference. For more information about some of the other presentations, and to register for this great conference please go to http://www.icdl.com/2016. As they announce new speakers, ICDL is updating this page on a regular basis.

Lyn is pleased that ICDL have asked her to lead the DIR 101 track at the conference. This course is open to professionals and parents and is the prerequisite for the professional training in DIRFloortime. Those interested in completing DIR 101 will attend a mix of presentations by the speakers, and workshops lead by Lyn. You can register for this via the conference registration above or by going to http://www.icdl.com/courses.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us at info@playforrealtherapy.com