Integrated Listening System available at Play for Real Therapy

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Integrated Listening System now available

at Play for Real Therapy Services


We are pleased to announce that we are now able to offer Integrated Listening System (iLs) programs here at Play for Real Therapy Services.

iLs uses filtered music and movement to improve brain function. The music is loaded on an iPod paired with special headphones, which deliver sound through both air and bone conduction (a low frequency vibration transmitted by bone to the inner ear).

iLs programs include acoustically modified classical music that provides enhanced or filtered signals in certain frequencies, as specific frequencies are believed to be correlated to certain brain functions. Simultaneous to the auditory component, the user engages in visual, vestibular and motor exercises that maximize the effect.

A growing body of research is showing positive effects of iLs programs in improving sensory processing, attention and regulation, auditory processing, reading and learning ability, and speech. You can visit the iLs website for more information, by clicking here.

Peter has recently trained as an iLs associate and can offer supervised iLs programs both here at our clinic and/or as a home program. For more information, use our contact form here, or call 321-872-8737.