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We help you develop the skills to support your special child to manage the stresses of life, with more confidence and fewer tears

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Welcome to Play for Real Pediatric Therapy Services

Quality Pediatric Occupational Therapy, Speech-Language Therapy, DIRFloortime and Sensory Integration Services based in Brevard County, Florida. We look forward to working with you!

The Play for Real Therapy Experience

Here at Play for Real Therapy Services, we offer quality pediatric occupational therapy and speech-language therapy. Our treatment models include DIRFloortime, sensory integration, the SOS (sequential-oral-sensory) approach to feeding, integrated listening (iLs) and pediatric massage. Our approach is family centered and our goal is to provide you with the skills you need to help your child be successful. By combining the latest research with our expertise and your family goals and priorities, we can design an individual, evidence-based treatment program for your child, to help them reach their full potential. Our emphasis on therapeutic play provides a positive and nurturing environment for your child to grow. By using a child's natural way of learning, their progress and development is a pleasurable and rewarding experience.

Lyn to conduct DIRFloortime training at Miami Children’s Hospital

The cover of the brochure for Miami DIRFloortime training

Miami DIRFloortime Training

Lyn to conduct DIRFloortime training at Miami Children’s Hospital

Lyn is off to Miami next weekend where she will be conducting DIRFloortime training at Nicklaus (Miami) Children’s Hospital. We are excited that the hospital is pursuing DIRFloortime training for their clinical staff.

This time last year Lyn and Kathy Platzman, the Clinical Director for The Interdisciplinary Council on Development and Learning (ICDL), spent a weekend in Miami teaching the DIR 101 class to about 50 of the hospital staff. This year, the hospital has asked Lyn and Kathy to return. As a result, on June 13 & 14 they will be repeating the DIRFloortime 101 class for more of the staff, and then going on to start the professional DIRFloortime 201 training on Monday June 15.

DIR 101 is an introductory course that reviews the theoretical framework, scientific evidence, and scope of application of the DIR model and Floortime. This course is open to parents and self-advocates as well as professionals.

DIR 201 is an intensive theory and practicum course for professionals only, and is the first stage of a series of courses for clinicians who want to use the DIRFloortime approach in their clinical setting.

Although Nicklaus (Miami) Children’s Hospital is hosting the DIRFloortime 101 and 201 classes, the courses are not exclusive to their staff so, if you are interested in registering, please go to www.icdl.com/courses.

Please note that, because of the Miami training, the Play for Real Therapy clinic will be closed on Friday June 12 and Monday June 15. We will be open for business as usual on Tuesday June 16.

About Play for Real Therapy

Play for Real Therapy Services offers quality occupational therapy and speech-language therapy for children. We specialize in several treatment models including DIRFloortime, Sensory Integration and the SOS (sequential-oral-sensory) Approach to Feeding. We use therapeutic play to help your child develop the skills they need for living

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About us

Dr. Peter Bennett and his wife Lyn have over 70 years combined experience as occupational therapists, specializing in pediatrics. Here at Play for Real Therapy Services, we are committed to working with you to help your child reach their full potential!

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