Play for Real reopens for Direct Therapy

PFR Repens for Direct Therapy

Play for Real reopens for Direct Therapy

Play for Real is very pleased to announce that we are open again for direct therapy. Our main concern is the safety of you, our families and our staff, so we have introduced a number of changes to reduce the potential spread of Coronavirus until cases are seen to be falling and stabilizing locally.

Telehealth Still Strongly Recommended

As long as it is effective, Telehealth will continue to be our recommended form of therapy wherever possible. Remote therapy provides the least risk for everyone involved. When direct therapy is indicated, we have introduced new procedures, following federal and state health guidelines, to avoid or keep direct contact to a minimum. Sadly, this means our practice of having several families interacting in the main clinic at the same time is suspended until further notice. Although working together provides rich opportunities for children’s social development, the need for safety takes precedence at the present time.

New Safety Procedures for Direct Therapy

Here is a list of some of the main new safety procedures:

  • The waiting room is closed as it becomes too crowded, and instead, clients will be met in the parking lot by their therapist
  • Staff and clients will be screened for Covid symptoms before therapy sessions
  • Appointments will be staggered so clients arrive and leave separately and therapy will be conducted in separate areas
  • Although we love to work with the whole family wherever possible, we are asking for one caregiver per child to attend the session. Unfortunately this means that we cannot include siblings in therapy sessions at this time.
  • Masks will be worn by everyone during sessions, unless indicated otherwise, and we ask for you and your child to bring a mask with you.
  • Staff and families will wash their hands before, during and after sessions
  • Toys and all frequently touched surfaces will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized between sessions
  • We have also introduced a lot of other changes “behind the scenes” such as improved air filtering in the facility to help keep you safe.

The Play for Real staff realize that some of these procedures will be inconvenient for you at times. They are in place for the safety of you, your child and our staff. We are monitoring the local and global development of the Coronavirus pandemic daily. Play for Real  will relax or increase our additional safety procedures as indicated.

We are excited to be working with our families in person again and welcome you back to Play for Real!

Stay safe!


Peter and Lyn Bennett and the Play for Real Therapy Team

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